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Digital scanned images of vintage picture postcards of the city of Stettin in what was until the end of the Second World War located in the Prussian province of Pommern / Pomerania, Germany. We have more than eight hundred old images of Stettin in our archive and add more to this online gallery as time permits. So when you've had a look at our current online collection, please, come back soon to see more of old Stettin, or what has since the city's renaming in 1945 been known as Szczecin. This page currently contains one hundred pictures of pre-war Stettin.


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One hundred scans of old Stettin / Szczecin picture postcards and photographs dating from 1898 to 1945.

Follow the links below to view what else we currently have online in our Szczecin / Stettin digital archive. We scan and digitize more of the images in our Szczecin archive and photograph more of the city on a regular basis. Please come back soon to see more of old Stettin and modern Szczecin.

Old pre-1945 Pictures of Stettin in Pommern / West Pomerania

Images of other towns in Pommern / Western Pomerania

Read something of the history of Stettin / Szczecin

 Map of Szczecin and old maps of Stettin and Western Pomerania

Contemporary photographs of the city of Szczecin as it looks today

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stettin szczecin pommern pl   stettin oder szczecin

stettin szczecin germany

Winter on an old picture postcard of Hakenterrasse, Stettin, Germany, now Szczecin, Poland.

stettin szczecin germany   stettin szczecin poland

Stettin in Old Picture Postcards

gruss aus stettin szczecin

stettin zeppelin szczecin

An online archive of Stettin in Pommern (Pomerania) Germany and Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

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